Desktop, Mobile, Console
UX/UI, Branding, Strategy
2018 - Present
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I am currently a principal product designer at Roblox, where I've been leading the design system strategy, providing design leadership and vision, impacting product brand, and growing and elevating our burgeoning design department.

Detailed case studies have not been added to this page yet, but I invite you to puruse the projects I've shipped so far.

Light and dark themes for mobile and desktop experiences

Developed the UX pattern for contextual information, reforming the interaction paradigm and information architecture of a game's details page, with special consideration for desktop, mobile, and console experiences

Branding and iconography for Roblox's currency, Robux (left), and Premium subscription (right)

Unified the branding language across all media and print; crafting the "satin silver" logomark and designing the "game constellation" grid visual