Print & Merchandise
Branding, Visuals
2013 - 2019
Providing branding and visuals for musicians

I work with Monobomb Records to lend branding expertise and high quality visuals, collaborating closely with musicians of the associated acts: Striplicker, crashfaster, and Delorean Overdrive.

Striplicker: hatchling


I constructed a visual brand for the industrial rock group, Striplicker, creating graphic visuals for their album cover, marketing assets, and general merchandise.

Shortform logo (left) and longform variant (right)

Visuals were adopted into merch goods

Designed album cover and layout for print; alternative shortform logo by Amy Liu

Additional visuals for merchandising and marketing assets

Striplicker: oblivion


The band's most recent release, oblivion, is themed around the concept of virtual vanity. I provided the album's visuals along with several other variants. The album was only released digitally, but the artwork has been repurposed into merch.

Album artwork (left) and its variants (right)

crashfaster: superchroma


I designed several assets for the electronic rock group, crashfaster, many of which ended up in their live shows, album artwork, and merchandise.

Album artwork for crashfaster's "superchroma" album — fueled by anime, harajuku styling, and a dash of Junji Ito body horror; album design by Richard Alexander Caraballo.

Line art of above album artwork for shirts, demonstrating a glow-in-the-dark effect (right)

Delorean Overdrive


Delorean Overdrive is an electropop loveletter to the 80's. I created the album art for their debut self-titled album.

Album artwork; released digitally