Digital Multimedia

2018 — Procreate

Inktober 2018

A small collection of Inktober sketches.

1 — Birds

2 — Empathy

3 — Io

2017 — Procreate


Inspired by internet creepypasta and a witch house playlist.

2015 — Photoshop


A cautiously realistic portrayal of a woman possessed.

2012 — Photoshop

Human After All

Inspired by a dream I had of a woman with glass arms. Is she human? Is she machine? A holographic projection of hair, exposed circuitry in arcane inlays, the unnatural perfection of her segments: she profanely mimics the organic machinations of our humanism. She seems powered by the surreal, her technology incomprehensible—supernatural—to the humans of today.

2014 — Photoshop


"She herself is a haunted house. She does not possess herself; her ancestors sometimes come and peer out of the windows of her eyes and that is very frightening. She has the mysterious solitude of ambiguous states; she hovers in a no-man’s land between life and death, sleeping and waking."

— Angela Carter, The Lady of the House of Love